The "Jersey" Girls From Deerfield Farms

The "Jersey" Girls From Deerfield Farms
Snookie is in the background!

Friday, December 3, 2010

New posts to come soon...

My hiatus from writing about my food obsessions has been too long. We all have ups and downs in life and often get caught up in the downs. I've been able to rekindle all of my intrigue and wonder about food and culture and history and then find ways to experience them all together.

My ideas about cooking are changing and I hope to be able to express myself as much as I can in these entries.

Coming up I'll be posting pictures of the pig I butchered (but not slaughtered), all of the yummy treats I created with it and down the road some more fun projects to advance my ever-growing, self-sufficient life style.

Very soon I'll post a picture of the old Enterprise sausage stuffer I bought at an antique shop for real cheap!

Merry Christmas!